Please mark Tuesday, November 13th, 9am on your calendar for our next regular TriState Ministerium at Centerville Grace.

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Ned Denlinger, our Chairman, is always interested in making our ministeriums a positive event for our men. If you have any insights or suggestions for our meeting or our district, please send Danny an email:
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At our recent ministerium, our church brought along four books that can help encourage/equip parents within our churches. These books were:

Jesus Storybook Bible

Sally Lloyd-Jones does a masterful job of retelling many of the stories from the Bible in a playful, yet reverent way. Our kids (9, 7, 6 & 4) all love sitting around hearing a story from the book and they enjoy the illustrations as well. Best of all, it is definitely a children's book, yet it teaches the hermeneutic I wish everyone in my church would understand: Every story whispers HIS name! (We give a copy of this book to parents during a baby dedication.)

Long Story Short

We're also using this book in our home for our morning devotions. Each week is split into 5 days to work through. It provides flexibility (On weeks we don't hit all 5 days, you can either move on, or carry it over to the next week), but that perfect blend of pattern and expectations that kids love. Each week, there is at least one day dedicated to seeing Jesus in the Psalms or the Prophets. The questions engage the kids well and can easily be adapted for various ages.

Heart of Anger

This is a book to read for a parent who regularly finds their child angry or agitated. Self confession: I read this book thinking it would better help me understand my child and what was wrong with him/her. Instead, it kicked my butt and showed me how my kid was probably upset because I was violating Ephesians 6. It's a great book to expose how we can provoke our children to anger (in ways I would not have seen on my own) and then moving us toward practical steps to avoid it.

Shepherding a Child's Heart

Often we discipline our children for two reasons: 1) Annoyance--they finally got to that last nerve, or; 2) Embarrassment--we don't want others around us to think we are one of "those" parents based on our child's behavior. Tripp does a good job of reminding us that our goal as parents should be to see our children grow to love God and follow Him. A great book to give to a parent even before they enter into the parenting phase!

Getting to the Heart of Parenting

(DVD): We didn't have this copy at the coffeehouse (someone in the church was borrowing it), but it is parenting gold. Tripp is engaging, funny and incredibly Christ-centered in his approach to parenting. This DVD series (and you can download a companion workbook for free on the net) is great for small groups or even evening studies for people in your church!

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